After careful consideration of all the baby products we have used, we’ve compiled the following list of our Top 10 product recommendations.  These are our absolute, must have, you’ll die without it things you’ll need for your own Bean or Dervish during their first year of life.

We’ve used all of these products and love ’em – but would appreciate any other recommendations and/or feedback that you have, too!  Drumroll, please….. 

TOP 10 PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS (in no particular order)

  • Swaddling blankets – Duff is a big fan of the extra large Amy Coe swaddling blankets, while Fitz swears by the SwaddleMe by Kiddopotamus velcro versions.  Either way, your baby will love being snuggled tight in these warm and cozy blankets.
  •  Transitions Womb Sounds CD – While any kind of white noise will help to settle a fussy baby, Duff swears that this CD helped her and the Dervish navigate through many a colicky night.
  • Medela Advanced Pump In Style – This pump is fantastic for any mother who is looking for a way to express milk without actually nursing.  It’s efficient, powerful, easy to use, and comes in a (kind of) stylish carrying bag.  It’s pricier than some other electric pumps on the market, but worth every penny.
  • Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers Diapers – The Pampers brand has been tried and true for decades, and we’ll give them our diaper loyalty any day of the week.   With cute Sesame Street characters and amazing absorbency, how can you go wrong?
  • Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Frame – This stroller is extraordinarily convenient for doing errands and popping about town with your baby in a bucket seat.  It’s not the best for long walks or rough terrain, but nothing beats it when you’re trying to navigate through a crowded store.
  • Playtex Drop-Ins – We’ve tried more expensive and more complicated bottles, but not many have come close to the convenience and sanitation of the Playtex Drop-In.  They come in a variety of sizes with expandable liners, which means they last longer than some traditional bottles.  In addition, they are completely BPA-free without being $10 each.
  • Papasan Chair – This type of chair is critical to have on hand!  You’ll use it for naps, for baby’s down time, and in a pinch, as a subsitute highchair.  The Dervish loved her Fisher-Price brand chair, while the Bean swears by the Boppy brand.  No matter which brand you prefer, definitely have one of these chairs in the house!
  • Carter’s Sleepwear – Cute, comfy, and warm sleepers and pajamas for babies and kids of all ages.  Carter’s washes very well, is generously sized, and quite reasonable at $5-$10 per pair. 
  • A&D/Aquaphor – A must have for diaper rash, drool rash, minor cuts and scrapes, or as a way to help clear nasal passages during cold season.  Bonus: it’s also great for curing Mom and Dad’s calloused feet!