Posted by Duff

Let us take a moment to remember all of the toys carefully chosen for the Dervish that went the way of the dinosaur due to disuse. Let us also mourn the money better spent on diapers or huckleberries, as there have never been enough of either for the Dervish.

I wish someone would have predicted that among the Dervish’s favorite and longest lasting fascinations would be something as simple and inexpensive as baby tupperware. 

Take and Toss

The Dervish and many of her kind highly endorse The First Years Take and Toss Collection. As magic as Mickey Mouse and as multi-purpose as duct tape, this line comes in many colors, features even more characters, and can be used through many developmental stages, as a toy:

  • Propped sitting up/high chair – enjoying colors, grasping, gumming
  • Sitting up unassisted – matching tops with bottoms, nesting cups, percussion instruments
  • Walking – rearranging the universe of tupperware, hoarding and hiding pieces (possibly never to be found again)
  • Toddlerhood – as beakers for the first scientific experiment (testing the properties of liquids and solids), first dishwashing experience, Three Bowl Monty. And so on.

Oh, and Take and Toss pieces can also be used to transport food from A to B, or as serving bowls or sippy cups.