Posted by Fitz

I’ve seen countless women write about how finding new Mom friends is strangely akin to dating, and I thought they were just being funny.  I realized they were serious when The Bean was about 6 weeks old, and I started stalking any person with an infant car seat when I was out.  I would sidle up to the poor, unsuspecting person and try to strike up a conversation like only a new mom can: “Oh, how cute!  How old is s/he?  That’s greeaaaaat!”  It was pathetic, and I’m sure that I came across like a complete basketcase.  Good reason for that, though – I was!

Fast forward to my first walk with a wonderful woman that I met around town – let’s call her Jeannie.  She is warm, friendly, easy to talk to, and we seemed to have a lot in common.  I found myself growing increasingly anxious as our walk came to a close…how do we end our date?  Shake her hand?  Do I suggest a second outing already?  Should I call her tomorrow?  I had no idea what to do, and found myself sweating like a teenaged girl playing spin the bottle for the first time.  This was ridiculous behavior, on all fronts.

Luckily, Jeannie put me out of my misery.  When we approached our cars, she suggested another walk on another day – and then admitted to feeling as nervous as I was.  We laughed and moved on, thinking about how freaking weird the whole situation was.  Since then, Jeannie and I have started to forge a real friendship.  In fact, we’ve even gotten our husbands together, joking that they should meet since we were “getting serious”.  

Meeting new moms that you actually want to be friends with is hard.  In many cases, the only thing you have in common with other new moms is that you both have infants – while you might never befriend this person in real life, the bond of being at home with a new baby will give you plenty to talk about.   You might find, over time, that you click more with some moms than others, and that’s OK – we’ve been through this before, right?

So, even though you thought you were done with the dating game, you might not be.  But those new mom friends will keep you sane, and it will be worth the aggravation….not to mention the fun you’ll have recounting the stories to your husband at night once the baby’s in bed.

Share your stories on how and where you met (or plan to meet) new mom friends!