Posted by Fitz

How many times have you looked at your post-partum body in the mirror, sucking your stomach in as hard as you could to try to see what it used to look like?

How many times have you struggled to think of the perfect, personal gift for a new mom?

How many times have you searched for the one item that would make your clothes look good again?

Never fear ladies – we have the answer to all of these questions and more: the Spanx Hide and Sleek Camisole. 


We all know Spanx as the bike shorts that are mission critical for weddings.  How many of you, though have tried the Hide and Sleek?  It’s the perfect foil for any post-partum belly bulge – the stomach that still looks a little pregnant, the muffin top that never fails to appear when you put on pants with a button and a zipper, and that little (OK, in my case, big) trampoline-like, squishy roll that is between the ribs and the navel.  This cami takes care of all of it without squishing your chest into a uniboob or rolling up like a window shade every time you sit down.

Priced between $42 and $46, the cami is worth every penny.  It’s available in six colors, with the option of a plain or lace hem, V-neck, U-neck, or crossover-neck, regular straps or adjustable.   Make sure to get the right size – the size you are NOW, which is not necessarily your pre-pregnancy size – to avoid feeling like a stuffed-to-bursting sausage. 

We promise you that even the skinniest post-partum moms will appreciate a little hiding and sleeking.  Whether it’s for you or a friend, rush to to check out these camis (and, of course, all of the other fabulous Spanx products).