In honor of Father’s Day, we would like to take a minute to remind all of the moms out there (ourselves included) to consider fatherhood from your husband’s point of view. 

 All of the pre- and post-birth hubbub may have gotten us into the mindset that this whole parenting thing is all about us and the baby – how our lives (and bodies) have changed, how our identities (and bodies) have been permanently altered, and how with every baby we see, we are reminded of our child at that same age.  

Let’s not forget that life has changed for our husbands, too – in fact, their jobs can be just as hard as ours.  If we stay at home, they go to work all day – feeling pressure to bring home the proverbial bacon – and come home to an unpredictable baby and an exhausted wife.  They often immediately take over the childcare duties so we moms can get a few minutes to ourselves, and do so without a complaint.  If we also work (a paying job), that adds a different dynamic of housecleaning, cooking and family time to be shared and juggled. And if everyone is still getting along at the end of these days, someone must be doing something right. More than one someone.

So, today we would like to thank our husbands for letting us get away with the following:

  • Pretending not to smell a poopy diaper to get out of changing it
  • Handing over the baby as soon as they get home so we can have a few minutes to ourselves
  • Enactment of the Grocery Store Peace Treaty, wherein Mom gets to shop on her own, sans child, or Dad takes said child to the store on his own
  • Rolling over when we hear the initial sounds of crying at 3:00 a.m., telling him that we think the baby stop if we give it just one more minute
  • Pleading our case as to why going for a solo mani/pedi is a necessity that will restore us back to our natural goodness
  • Charging the equivalent of the tax of Romania on new clothes to make us feel “with it” again – even when they aren’t quite the size we’d like.
  • Charging nearly the same amount for an outfit a child might outgrow as soon as the tags come off.
  • Accepting that we often have less of a need for physical closeness based on the snuggle time we get with our children (though we recommend taking one for the team since everyone wins)

They often remind us that we’re beautiful – and fantastic parents. Today, we return the favor.

Posted by Fitz and Duff

We want to know how your husband rocks (and we’re sure he does, too).  Attention whoring welcome!