Posted by Duff

Yes, I know experts say that children under two shouldn’t watch television. But I also think said experts would prefer that I could care for my child, meaning they’d forgive me for popping on the tube to attend to my basic needs, such as eating, peeing, or getting myself (and the Dervish) organized to leave the house. 

Maybe not. Thank God I forgive myself.

The Dervish has never been a fan of solitary play. Let’s just say, a la Tigger and Pooh,  she would rather I play Kanga to her Roo.

So began my search for a show with educational value (to alleviate unnecessary guilt) and minimal screen flashes (so as not to overload her synapses) that spoke to her. If such a show existed, bingo. And if the theme song running on a loop through my synapses didn’t make me daydream about a lobotomy, bonus.

Ladies, I give you Peep and The Big Wide World.

View and enjoy the fabulousness that is Peep. What can I say about Peep? Lots.

Peep is narrated by Joan Cusack (supporting acress in such gems as Say Anything, My Blue Heaven and School of Rock), who must have been born to narrate a children’s show in a voice appealing to both Kangas and Roos.

I can get behind a cartoon that I possibly could draw myself. Especially one with a sarcastic and egotistical duck (named Quack) as a highly quotable main character:

“Come back son, I need to pass on my wisdom!”

“I AM NOT LOUD. I’m exuberant.”

And, for we nerdy moms looking for redeeming value, in between short but sweet episodes, real, live children conduct scientific experiments with household objects.  What can you expect from a show written by a pre-school teacher who specializes in science? Astronomy, biology, botany and physics capped with wit and dry humor, that’s what.

And if the Dervish is anything like her mother, the latter will keep her interested in the former.

 I hope.