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Why aren’t there more drive-throughs in the world?  Why can’t this guy be on my corner?

Talking with some friends a few weeks ago, we lamented the fact that it’s hard to get healthy, good food and drink on the run these days.  None of us had ever been big fans of the drive-through pre-kid, but who wants to tote a giant diaper bag, 14-lb. infant car seat, 7-20 lb. infant, three pacifiers, and a wallet to lunch?  While sometimes doing that feels like a breeze – and is especially worth it if you’re meeting friends – other times you’re just out of groceries and plain old hungry.  In those situations, a good drive-through would be perfect.  Here are some of the things that I think should be available via staticky intercom-ordering and a nice drive-up window:

  • Healthy sandwiches – If I can get a nasty hamburger with special sauce through a window, why I can’t I get turkey on whole wheat?
  • Salads – Sorry, I’m not counting those things you can get at McDonald’s (hold the everything, and that’s the only way you’re below your daily calorie allotment).  I’m talking about fresh mixed greens, grape tomatoes, some grilled chicken, maybe some dried cranberries….is this too much to ask?
  • Pizza – Because sometimes you just want a slice, and you don’t want to have to get a whole pie or get out of the car.  Period.
  • Starbucks – While Dunkin’ Donuts lovers rejoice at their drive-through, Starbucks is lagging behind in the convenience area (at least in my neck of the woods). 
  • Milk, bread, and other convenience items – Long Island has these great dairy drive-throughs that baffle yet intrigue me.  I think someone should spread this particular brand of genius to other parts of the world!

If you have seen these types of things available via window, please let me know.  I might just want to move there.

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