Posted by Duff

If you’re like me, you’ve ended more than one day since becoming a parent by crawling into bed, a human raisin. Certain that day was somehow longer than the time-space contiuum would deem possible.

It’s a special kind of exhaustion reserved for a day spent with a teething infant or a tree frog who speaks beginner violin.  A day at a seemingly thankless job during which you ran in circles, got in your own way and saw no progress whatsoever.  A night when gratitude escapes you and your last thought is, “Thank God today is over.”

On the surface, not a good day. Tears were shed, cool lost, bargains unstruck and bribes rejected, dishes left crusting over in the sink, and you’re sure you’ll find something sticky – somewhere unexpected – tomorrow.

However, this day was more important than those that go far more smoothly. More was accomplished from this one day of struggle than during a month of easier days, it just isn’t apparent yet.

Because progress is painful. Think back to braces. Starting your career. Dialation. Nothing worth achieving ever came without effort. Nothing truly appeciated came before absence.

These days are the very evidence of progress. Of a tooth breaking the gumline, of leaps in motor and communication skills, of a mother thickening her skin and building confidence.  Today, you shouldered the concrete blocks that serve as a foundation of much better days to come. And one of those days will be tomorrow.

But for now: sweet, beautiful, coma-like sleep.