“A frog and a hog cavort in a bog. But not the hippopotamus.”

But Not the Hippopotamus

And, I was hooked. I think more kids books should have words like ‘cavort‘ in them. Thanks to Sandra Boynton, there is at least one.   

Also thanks to SB, the Dervish knows what a vicuña is before turning two. It took her mother 33 years and a children’s book to gain that knowledge. Don’t I feel sheepish.

Given a choice of reading material, the Dervish always gravitates to this collection, probably because they were the first books that were written in such a way that her wound-up-tighter-than-a-drum mother was finally able to get over herself and just be plain old silly.

Cover Image

Besides fun vocab words, the books cover all the fundamentals, such as the alphabet, counting, colors, animals (including the many sizes, shapes and sounds of Doggies), emotions, rhyming, and of course, the importance of a bedtime routine. 

There’s a reason this woman has won awards. Check out the Sandra Boynton Web site.

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