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I want to take a minute to talk about girlfriends.  The kind that are always there to support you, give you a boost, lend a sympathetic ear, and let you know that you’re not crazy for feeling a certain way.  While I’ve always had a great group of girlfriends and love each and every one of them, I’m not sure I’ve fully appreciated the bond between female friends as much as I do now that I’m a mom.

My friends (most of whom had babies right around the same time as me) have been my lifeline this year.  Some I’ve known for years and years, while others have just entered my life through various Mom-related activities.  They have listened to me, supported me, brought me treats when I was sick, and are always on hand to organize a last minute playdate whenever one of us desperately needs to get out of the house!  The support and love I have felt from my group of girlfriends has been so powerful that it has changed me.  I’m more open, more giving, and so appreciative of the opportunity to share their lives with them.   I have never felt so Wind Beneath My Wings about anyone except for my husband and my parents, and I truly cherish my girlfriends as if they were family.

This whole experience has taught me how, if you’re feeling lonely as a mom, it’s so important to make connections with people.  It might feel awkward at first, but go to the New Moms groups that are likely publicized in your local newspapers.  Join a class or go to a library event – who cares if your kid won’t get anything out of it, you might!  Strike up a conversation with a mom in the mall or an old friend you’ve lost touch with. 

We’re all moms and we’re all in the same boat – but we often feel like we’re desperately alone.  Reach out, meet people, and trust that your girlfriends aren’t going to judge you if you open up to them (if you can’t trust that, you need new friends!).  Have some fun, share some stories, break up the day…and know that your life will be better for including more women in it.

Now, did I ever tell you you’re my hero?

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