I used to think that I smelled pretty good.  Sure, I was a little rank after working out, but in general, my scent reflected the flower or fruit of my mood that day, and it was so sweet.  That was, of course, before I had The Bean.

When I was nursing, I always smelled like a wet sock.  I thought the odor issue would get better when I stopped, and it did…but things haven’t gone back to their fresh and enticing goodness.  Instead, I find myself wrestling The Bean in the park after a casual lunch with friends, desperately trying to clean up a blowout that has ruined everything in a 10-foot radius and has made me sweat like a hooker in church.  Or, I find myself on the losing end of a carrot or pea puree sneeze, splattered with formula after a particularly robust swallow/choke, or steeped in the scent of baby vomit. 

What really gets me is that I work hard to maintain proper hygiene standards.  I shower every day (unless things are really, really bad), load up on my clean-smelling Amazing Grace firming lotion, spritz on its matching perfume, slather on my Secret Clinical, and wear only the cleanest clothes.  But, it must be written in the stars that moms can’t smell too good for too long – once we pass a certain, yet undefinable, witching hour, the fates rise up in their quest to make us odiferous again.  Today, the blow out…tomorrow, who knows?

My hope is that this issue will evaporate (literally and figuratively) someday soon.  Maybe when fall arrives?  Maybe when The Bean turns one?  The last thing I want to do is to wish away precious time that will turn my infant into a toddler, but….I don’t want to worry about this anymore.  I want to take one shower a day and have it be enough.  I want my husband to deeply inhale when he hugs me after returning from a long day at work (I’m scared to ask if he holds his breath now).  I want to smell clean when I am clean!  And most of all, I don’t want anyone else to notice that my new signature scent is The Bean’s signature, not mine.

Photo credit: http://www.petstainremoval.com