Posted by Fitz

As you’ve probably noticed from some of my posts lately, I’ve had the doldrums.  Some say that they are hormonally charged as a result of my recent surgery, others say that they have experienced the same thing when their babies reached the 9-month mark.  While I credit both reasons for my recent feelings of “ehh…”, I can happily report that they are gone.  A horoscope jarred me out of them.

OK, OK, I know what you’re saying to yourself.  “What?  Are you kidding me?  This woman is responsible for a child and she’s depending on a horoscope to make her feel better?”  Well, it was an accident.  I was starting to feel better after a nice, long vacation with my husband and The Bean, but the horoscope really pushed me over the happiness edge.  I was stranded in Starbucks (waiting for The Bean to wake up from an unusually long nap so my husband could pick me up), and I was reading the Connecticut Post.  I saw my horoscope and decided to read it.  It said:

Aquarius: You’re hoping to win the lottery, but in many ways you already have.  Your relationships are strong and getting stronger, and isn’t that what’s most important?

Well…ain’t that the truth?  I have won the family lottery.  We tried for several years to have a child, and we have a daughter that is more amazing than we ever could have imagined.  I looked for years to find my perfect match, and I have a husband who is more…everything…than the man of my dreams.  My extended family is supportive and wonderful.  I have every reason in the world to be happier than the crazed people on The Big Comfy Couch.  And they are maniacally happy.  This horoscope, silly as it may seem, was just the medicine I needed.

I never forget how lucky I am, but sometimes those feelings get pushed to the back burner to make room for more immediate emotions.  That’s OK, and our immediate emotions are valid and real and completely appropriate.  It’s nice, every once in awhile, though, to be reminded of the bigger picture from an outside source.  I read that horoscope and it put things into perspective for me in a flash.  I see The Bean now and think of her as my winning lottery ticket…I might never get the mega millions, but she’s worth more than that anyhow. 

Duff said in her post the other day that she couldn’t breathe without The Dervish.  Like many of you, I feel the same way about my Bean.  And even though I get down in the dumps sometimes, she and my husband are the reasons why I get up in the morning.  They are the best things that have ever happened to me.