Many of you read my post a couple of months ago about how meeting new moms is much like dating.  Well, I’m happy to report that I have found the Mommy-Dating equivalent of going all the way:  unveiling your bathing-suit clad bod to your new mom friends.


It’s an innocent event that is born out of genuine goodwill: “Hey, I have a pool – want to come over for a swimming play date?”  When it’s 95 degrees and humid and the proposed date is a week away, that sounds like the bliss you haven’t experienced since your honeymoon.  As the date creeps closer, though, a million thoughts run through your mind: what will I wear?  Will I look okay?  What will she (or they) think of this post-partum body?  Will she think it has always been this way?  Will hers be like mine?

When it comes to having the guts to go all the way with your mom friends, there are different levels of confidence and inhibition.  There are those who, confident as all get out in their bodies regardless of size or shape, shed their cover up and frolic around that pool with graceful, playful abandon.  There are those who might be a little skittish at first, but get used to being in a swimsuit as their bodies acclimate to the temperature of the water.  Then there are the girls like me, who grit their teeth, take off their shorts, and try their darndest to have good time despite their inability to forget the fact that their muffin top is poking out between the tankini top and bottom like too much cream cheese oozing out of a bagel.  Oh, and the muffin top is the color of the cream cheese, too.  Hot.

Luckily, unless your new mom friends are grown up versions of the Mean Girls, they won’t judge or silently take in every lump, bump, and dimple that you’ve got going on.  Instead, they’ll be happy to take this budding friendship to the next level, will most likely be preoccupied with their own appearance, and will just be glad to have something to do that day.  Think about that as you are preparing for this momentous occasion, and prepare properly: take care of any grooming needs, throw on your most flattering suit, slick on some lipgloss with SPF, and give yourself a good, old fashioned pep talk.   Something along the lines of “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”  or even, “Screw them if they don’t like cellulite!”  Whatever works. 

When you’re as ready as you’ll ever be, just go for it.  Whip that sarong off with abandon and be confident and proud of your body, no matter what shape your in!  It just performed a miracle for you, so you better not be too mean to it. 

Going all the way was fun when you were dating your husband, so chances are you could end up having a good time now, too.  I double dog dare you!

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