I was shopping with a friend of mine recently, and realized she was having no trouble at all managing the bags that we were accumulating quite rapidly.  Was she some sort of multi-handed genius, able to push a snap ‘n go and hold so many bags at once?  Was she the queen of balance and strength?  I was flummoxed, until I got a good look at her stroller handle.

My friend might be a genius, but it’s not because she has more hands than your average bear.  Her genius is derived from a different tool altogether…The Mommy Hook.

The Mommy Hook, manufactured by a company called Mom, Dad, and Baby, describes itself as “the perfect stroller hanger”.  It isn’t made of the plastic of other stroller hooks – instead, it’s made from durable aluminum that is covered with a rubber grip that keeps it from sliding around too much and hitting your stroller wheels or your legs.  It’s lightweight, durable, and can be snapped around anything from the stroller to a shopping cart.

So, despite the fact that I made off with the fantastic J.Crew flip flops for a mere $6, my friend was the one whose day was the most successful.  Her Mommy Hook made her shopping trip easy and breezy, an important quality of any outing with baby.

We think The Mommy Hook is momgenius, and hope that you do, too!

Thanks, Jess!