I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Dervish is a tough sell. So when she recommends something, you know she’s not blowing smoke.

The Sesame Street Library Boxed Set, a box of twelve board books just the right size for infant and First Sesame Street Library 12 Volume Boxed Settoddler hands, is a homerun. Not only will the Dervish sit still long enough to read these with me (and now, her version of ‘to’ me), but before she could run around, she spent a lot of time taking them out of and putting them back in the box, stacking them like blocks, turning the pages, learning what books are and what they do.

Which means we had an easier time of diaper changes, car rides, and long waits at the pediatrician (and subsequently, the pharmacy).

These books cover counting, colors, sharing, shapes, rhyming, location, bedtime routines, and more. All the timeless topics that are relevant with the infant and toddler set.

(You will, however, have to explain Bert’s unibrow. This topic, though relevant in our household, is left for parents to handle as they see fit.)

Great. baby. shower. gift. Available at Target and on Amazon.com. Worth much more than its very reasonable price ($12-$15ish).

Bonus: The boxed set also comes in a Winnie the Pooh collection, which covers less tangible concepts, such as friendship, lost and found, make-believe, weather, dress-up, and of course, the many facets of Tigger (you will be surprised at how quickly your own Dervish will learn ‘bounce’).