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The Bean is cruising.

Not content to “just” pull herself up after a learning that neat trick a mere week ago, The Bean has now decided that it is hilarious to cruise her way around the ottoman, her crib, or any table within reach of her teeny little arms.  She no longer wants to be held or to read a story.  My girl is on the move, and there is nothing I can do to stop her.

I have mixed reactions about this new turn of events.  First, I’m thrilled and completely proud of her.  Second, I’m terrified that she is going to hurt herself.  Third, I am mourning the loss of my little baby while trying to get my arms around the fact that my Bean is rapidly and uncontrollably turning into a little girl.

I look at pictures of The Bean from months past, and I can’t believe that this is the same baby that I brought home from the hospital.  The collage of six-month portraits that we so proudly hung on our wall just four months ago now seem out of date (although still adorable), and I’m starting to look at birthday party invitations!  Each time I personalize an invitation online at Tiny Prints I have to remind myself that my baby, my little Bean, is turning ONE in just six weeks. 

She is more than ready for such a milestone, since she’s doing a million things that we had only ever read about in What to Expect.  Are we ready, though?  It’s such a pleasure to watch her grow and learn and become a miniature person, but I so miss the baby that would only nap on my chest.  I miss the days of the Swaddle Me blankets and the times when her infant car seat didn’t require the strength of a sumo wrestler to carry it.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t believe that the infant stage – which was very, very stressful at times – is coming to a close.  I miss it already.

I don’t have much of a point to share with you today, except for a tired old saying that I feel compelled to dust off.  Take time to smell the roses.  Beacuse what is stressing you out now will become one of your cherished memories.  Because this too, shall pass.  Because what is now a tightly wrapped bud now will soon become a gorgeous, vibrant bloom. 

I know that, before I know it, I’ll be attending The Bean’s high school graduation.  I’ll be very proud and happy that day, but I’m sure that underneath it all I’ll be utterly shocked at how time just cruises on by.  

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