Posted by Fitz

Over the past several weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to go out to eat quite frequently with The Bean.  One restaurant was a fancy New York establishment, one was a local place known for their fabulous pub fare, and one was a middle-of-the-road chain restaurant that caters especially to families.  In our opinion, they all had one thing in common: we didn’t want The Bean to eat her Cheerios directly off the table.  Luckily, my friend Kara had a great solution in mind for us.

Enter Table Toppers, the disposable, adhesive placemat designed especially for kids.  It protects their little hands and food from the tables that were just wiped off with a dingy rag, which basically only reorganizes the bacteria that the previous little kid (or let’s face it, their mom or dad!) has left on the table.  Even better, the toppers are all BPA- and PVC-free while small enough to fit in your diaper bag with ease.  They stick right onto the table, and can be easily disposed of when dinner is done.  Now that’s Momgenius!

Your kids will love their designs: Dora the Explorer, Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, and Winnie the Pooh, and they might even keep them entertained while you enjoy a dinner out.  So, next time you’re at Babies R Us, Target, or Walmart, pick up a pack of Table Toppers and give them a shot.  Germs everywhere will be utterly disappointed!