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A couple of months ago, my husband and I took a Dervish-free trip to the toy store so we could shop for her birthday gifts at leisure. We were on a quest for things she’d really enjoy and that would, hopefully, be educational.

Here’s a snippet of how it went:

H: How about this?

Me: No, she’d hate that. Remember how she hated that other thing? How about that over there?

H: You’ve met her, right?  That will provoke her. I can’t spend that much on something she’ll throw at my head. It looks like it would leave a mark. This? No… nevermind.

Me: We’re at a toy store, shouldn’t this be fun? It doesn’t feel like fun.

Obviously, we didn’t know what we were doing.

And then someone lovely turned me on to Bingo.

ebeanstalk.gif picture by duffoliver

All of the toys on this site (shop at your convenience, no “MINE!”/meltdowns/or babysitter) are recommended by child experts. The ways in which these toys foster development are clearly defined. Broken down by age (to the quarter year!). In every price point. And offered with free shipping promotions.

Other fab nuggets: ebeanstalk has a registry, milestone reference charts (broken down by quarter year) a chat community, and an opt-in newsletter.

Just when you needed another favorite online shopping store.