I don’t know about you ladies, but my face is wearing the battle scars of motherhood.  I have some new creases around my eyes, the start of a wrinkle between my brows, and some oh-so-attractive brown spots that never existed pre-pregnancy.

Being a cosmetic junkie, I have spent far too much time reviewing new, fancy moisturizers that promised to plump, firm, and hydrate.  I was about to plunk down too much money for one of these creams when my friend’s dermatologist told her about new Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream.

The cream, the dermatologist said, is better than absolutely anything on the market today – including the incredibly expensive and exclusive La Mer.  Olay has done the research to back up this claim, and goes onto explain that the cream is the result of 50 years of research and “has the highest concentration of our signature amino-peptide complex infused with intracellular fortifier and a touch of precious marine proteins.”

While I’m not exactly sure I know what intracellular fortifier is, I couldn’t resist this recommendation.  I started using this cream six weeks ago – unwilling to recommend something to you that I haven’t road tested myself – and I’ll tell you, it’s GOOD.  I look younger, some of my little lines have faded, and my skin is softer and firmer than it has been in awhile.

The cream is sold for about $27.99 in major stores like Walgreens, Target, and drugstore.com.  However, I have found it at BJ’s for $19.99 and in a two pack at Sam’s Club for $35.

It might be more than what you’re used to spending on moisturizer, but it’s worth a shot.  Your skin and your mirror will thank you for it.