Thank you to all of our readers who took the time to complete the FIll in the Blank survey that we conducted last week.  The purpose of the survey was to give you more insight into other women’s feelings and experiences as they navigate through motherhood, and we’ll be sharing results with you in different ways over the next several weeks.  Here is our first peek into one faithful reader’s life as a mom to a four month old…enjoy!

1. So far, my biggest accomplishment as a mother has been…being able to relax around my baby.
2. My biggest disappointment has been…not feeling that rush of emotion the moment she was born.
3. One word I would use to describe my day to day life as a mom is….repetitive.
4. My favorite time to spend with my baby is…first thing in the morning, she’s all smiles.
5. My biggest concern about raising a child in today’s world is…the rising cost of living.
6. Now that we’re parents, my relationship with my husband is…different.
7. My goal is to be a mother who…raises well adjusted children who are comfortable in their own skin.
8. The best piece of advice I can share with a brand new mom is…ask for help.