Posted by Duff

The other day, my husband took The Dervish to a local orchard. She’s not really interested in the (not really a) petting zoo (because you can’t touch the animals), but she’ll take a walk through the hay maze before beating a hasty retreat to the Employees Only shed where heavy machinery is kept.

Before they left the house, my husband put a box of raisins in his pocket. Their job was to occupy The Dervish for the post-orchard trip to the grocery store.

Note: The main goal of any waking moment with The Dervish  is to keep her occupied and distracted from things she could harm or that would harm her. Hence, the orchard, and the raisins.

The Dervish decided she wanted the raisins at the orchard, which presented a problem — it meant no available distraction at the store.

“Raisins, Daddy,” she chirped. “Raisins. Go.”

To which her father replied, “We can have raisins after we visit the billy goats. When we go to the store. Now stay next to me. You know when you run in the parking lot, we have to leave.”


The Dervish sprinted to the parking lot, then turned to face her intellectual superior, victorious. “Okay. Raisins.”

And so they had to leave. And The Dervish earned her raisins, fair and square.