Posted by Fitz

Lately, some things about motherhood have struck me funny.  Many of them are about the naivete of the pregnant woman, some are about The Bean’s rapidly developing personality, and there is – of course – the inevitable potty humor.  I hope that you find them as funny as I did!

  • My friend, who is expecting her first baby momentarily, showed me a large laundry basket and said that it is the “designated toy space” for her new baby.  She said she doesn’t want toys everywhere…as if she’ll end up having any control whatsoever.
  • In the name of good research, I have counted that The Bean has soiled her diaper immediately upon the start of the car for the past 29 times we have gone somewhere.  We always show up at a store, an event, etc. needing to change a dirty diaper.  Is this karma coming back to bite me?
  • Another pregnant friend told me she’s confident that her breasts will remain exactly the same after giving birth because she doesn’t plan to breastfeed.
  • When bringing The Bean to “practice visits” at her new daycare (it’s her first day today, so wish us luck), she acted like I was a stranger while another little boy would make himself comfortable in my lap for up to ninety minutes.
  • One pregnant woman that I met recently told me that morning sickness is “all in people’s heads” and that she didn’t see what was so hard about bringing a newborn into a marriage.  She had her baby last week…I can’t wait to run into her again to see if her theory about marriage was right.
  • The Bean revels in looking at family pictures, to the point where we can’t walk through our living room without her pointing and making a “mmm!” sound to signal she wants to go over there.  The funny part is that I don’t always get the names right when we look at the pictures – I recently called my husband “Grandma” and my brother “Uncle Dude”.

What funny things have you heard lately?