Posted by Fitz

I can’t in good conscience tell you about a product today, despite the fact that you’re used to seeing our tried-and-true recommendations on Wednesdays.  Given the state of our economy after the financial travesty that occurred last week on Wall Street, I only have one recommendation: save your money.

I’m fairly certain that your baby will be just as happy playing with the toys he or she already has in the playroom.  You’ll absolutely survive without another baby-related gadget or diaper bag.  While safety items like car seats should never be skimped on, everything else can – and should – be right now.  Suze Orman says it will take years to recover from what has already happened, and that the fallout is far from over.  It’s scary, so let’s do what we can to keep ourselves and our children financially safe.  They’ll appreciate that more than anything else.

OK, I’m getting off my soapbox now.  I think it’s time to check my (rapidly diminishing) 401(k) balance.