Posted by Duff

It feels like far too frequently we’re reminded of the fragility of life.

Lately, I have felt like complaining (and done so) without substantial reasons, and I must be stopped: I am healthy. I am lucky. I am blessed (by whichever deity you believe in, or chance, if you believe in none).

Earlier this week, I went for my routine midwife visit. The midwife who delivered The Dervish has relocated, and I saw someone new, who looked at my chart quite thoroughly before coming in to do the annual honors.

“How is your daughter doing, health-wise, developmentally?” asked Pam The Breast Examiner.

“She is beyond fine. Gives me a run for my money,” I said. And was reminded to be relieved. I don’t think I will ever stop being relieved for long.

“Wonderful. Fluke pregnancy thing. ” assured Pam, and her 20+ years’ experience.

Last night I was really annoyed that I couldn’t dive into a pizza headfirst because The Dervish needed a particular fork, and it wasn’t the one I was offering. And when I gave in for the greater good of the meal, she ate one bite of the dinner she had escorted from the front door, singing its praises, clapping in favor of the corrugated cardboard box that meant Yum.

I said to my husband, “Why have we not eaten one meal in peace in the last two years, two months and two days?”

Because we have The Dervish. Who is really into ladybugs. And eats mandarin oranges with a fork. And has hair that can determine barometric pressure. And is obsessed with the properties of water. And is just learning to snuggle without a headbutt. And a propos nothing, happily points out Daddy’s White Shirt.

And so, I’ll shut my complaining mouth. Now.

If this has gotten too maudlin, I invite you all to click the link at the beginning and be reminded that Sting, is in fact, hot. That is a constant. And it’s good to have things we can count on.