People seem to have a great stake in what people feed their children.  It doesn’t seem to matter if the food they are concerned about is going into their children’s digestive systems – heck, to some people, they don’t even have to know the kid in question to proffer some well-intentioned yet generally annoying advice.

As The Bean eats more and more “people food” and we slowly decrease our partnership with Earth’s Best, I can’t believe how many people feel free to comment on what we feed her.  Some comments have been:

  • “Oh, you’re feeding her all organic?  Is she going to be the freak at the birthday party who isn’t allowed real cake?”
  • “That piece of cheese isn’t organic.  Shouldn’t you only be giving her the freshest, best organic foods?”
  • “Don’t you think that piece of [insert finger food here] is too big for her to handle?”
  • “Gee, I would never feed my kid edamame.  I don’t think there is enough research to prove that soy is safe.”
  • “What, she can’t drink out of a sippy cup yet?  That’s going to be a problem soon.  You better take care of it.”
  • “Oh, that’s what makes up a kid’s meal these days?”
  • “You really haven’t taken her to McDonald’s yet?”

In many cases, these comments were from moms with kids close in age to The Bean, and they have decided to take a different route when it comes to feeding their own offspring.  Well, I’m The Bean’s mom, and her dad and I have made choices about her eating that don’t affect anyone but her.  If you have chosen to do something differently, good for you!  As we’ve discussed numerous times now, we all have our own way of doing things, and none of them are wrong.  As cliche as it sounds, the differences in our approaches to motherhood should be celebrated, not picked apart until the mom in question starts to second guess herself and lose confidence.

In all honesty, though, it is easier sometimes to judge what someone else is doing to justify our own choices.  It’s easy to see a mom who makes all of her baby’s food from scratch and, instead of thinking what a terrific choice she’s made, snarkily jest to our best bud that she must have way too much time on her hands.  And it’s easy for me to silently scoff the woman who feeds her kids chicken nuggets at every meal because that is literally all they will eat when I’m at a stage where my Bean eats a fair variety.

As mothers, we need to give ourselves and each other a break.  We need to stop the judging, and live and let live.  We all try to get through the day providing our kids with the most nutritious, healthy, well-balanced meals that we can – and sometimes it just doesn’t work.  We’ve all been there, or we’ll all get there in time.  Make your choice, and I’ll make mine – I’m fairly certain that we’re both still great moms.