Posted by Duff

For any mother who has ever wondered if what she is saying or doing to teach her child is getting through, if her child is absorbing the surrounding world and taking notes, I am relieved to tell you:

It’s happening.

This morning, The Dervish presented me with evidence that there is more going on in her head than the pursuit of escape, the pushing of buttons, and the avoidance of convention. She is normal. She is paying attention. She gets it.

After she ate her cup of pears, she poured the juice into her cup of water (I have been trying to keep her from making cocktails – usually spaghetti sauce and apple juice or milk and freshly filled tub). And then she took a sip.

It tastes GOOD!” she announced. I think we were both surprised.

Big deal, right? But to me, it was three elements of a sentence — in the correct succession. She knew the drink was it, that what she had done was taste, and the outcome was favorable. She conjugated a verb, ladies and gentlemen. Properly. And without thinking.

Last weekend, The Dervish went to a party I was unable to attend. There, she met a parrot named Jasper. When she came home, she told me, “Jasper is a bird. He eats pretzels.”

She told me a story.

I have been waiting all my life for my child to tell me a story. Even if I just figured it out two years ago. And it was so worth the wait.