Posted by Fitz

The Bean has been in part-time daycare now for a month, and we have definitely learned some things.  Some were expected, some weren’t, but they all are giving us insight into her ever-flourishing personality and what our world will look like when she’s 13.   I hope that, by sharing these lessons, that you can have a quick laugh, commiserate, and be inspired to share your own learnings in the comments section!

  1. I can survive dropping my baby off to spend the day with strangers.  They do a good job caring for her, and I can in turn do a good job doing whatever it is that I do.  Daycare has given me peace of mind, and I’m relieved.
  2. No one will ever keep The Bean as neat and clean as I will.  And I have to get over it.
  3. Even one year olds (or, I suspect, teachers with sweet teeth!) expect cupcakes to be brought in on birthdays.  Who knew? 
  4. Kids will eventually nap at daycare – they are so tired from playing that they don’t have a choice! Woot!
  5. It is really cool to walk in to pick up The Bean and find her intently playing with her little friends.  It melts my heart every time to see her so happy in their midst.
  6. It’s never too early to start fundraising for your daycare.  Is anyone interested in buying a pie to be delivered in time for Thanksgiving?  Did I mention that I hate fundraising, but will be obligated to buy at least two pies?
  7. Seeing a group of toddlers sitting in their chairs around the snack table makes me think forward about 30 years, when they’ll be doing the same thing for endless meetings at the job of their choosing.
  8. A really cool, good, new playground is just as good as Disney World to a toddler (especially if she has never heard of Disney World).
  9. The activities conducted at daycare are helping The Bean to learn more.  I can see it already.
  10. She still loves us.