Posted by Fitz

I’m sure you’ve seen her.  She’s the mom who can fashion a quick bib out of a pantiliner, a bobby pin, and a hair elastic.  She’s the one who – when you’re faced with a blowout of epic proportions in a public place – can produce not one, but several packs of wipes for your use.  She always has anything you could possibly need when out and about, whether it’s a healthy snack (for your baby or for you!), the right reference book for whatever is ailing you, extra formula, or tools to fix the wheel on your broken down stroller.

You guessed it – she’s a MacGyver Mom!

The MacGyver Mom is the one mom friend that you have to have.  You never go out with her without learning something.  She has a bag of tricks that you couldn’t fit in your house, never mind in your stroller.  She inspires you to carry more gear – like a first aid kit on a short walk – and get more organized.  I always leave my MacGyver Mom friend (Hi Kara!) feeling way pumped to get my act together and have all of the right things on hand for any possible situation, but it never really happens.

Case in point: after the aforementioned blowout situation, I swore that I would put a little bag in my car with a couple extra sets of clothes, wipes, diapers, and other necessities (outside of the ones I carry in my diaper bag).  I put the package together the very next day, put it in the back of my SUV, and waited.  I eventually needed it just a few days ago, and guess what – I never changed the season or size of the extra clothes, and had diapers that were too small.  It was okay in a pinch, but I think you get my drift – I am no MacGyver Mom.  I do my best, I get by, but there’s no way you’ll see me solving any baby issues with a pen, a rubber band, and a roll of paper towels.  Sigh.

It’s a recurring theme in my posts of late, but I guess there’s just always another mom that you’d like to take parts of and put them into your own personality.  I’m always learning from my MacGyver Mom and all of my other amazing mom friends, and am proud to say they are in my life.  From them, I’ve learned that one person cannot be everything she’d like to be – although she can always try harder!  I’ve also learned that one person is just enough as she is – because her friends will always be there to provide any extra help that she may need.