Posted by Duff

The day after Halloween, the stores were alive with Christmas marketing spirit. And I’ve since seen a few commercials featuring the toys this ‘good’ mom might get her two-and-a-half year old.

I was still getting over the fact that I provided two Halloween costumes (The Dervish likes choices), neither of which were worn outside our home at various Halloween celebrations, including trick-or-treating.

The good news:

1. I got both costumes on clearance for less than the price of one, because I know her well enough to know there was a good chance this would happen.

2. Everyone loves a trick-or-treating toddler, and happily gives her compliments and treats whether or not she is costumed. No explanation necessary. In a fleece jacket and pom-pom hat, she could have passed for skier.

Honestly, though:

3. She adored her first real go at Halloween. After the first door-answerer gave her a packet of Cheez-Its, she tried to get inside. (Alright, maybe that part was a reminder that we need to advise her against breaking and entering). But once we got her off that property and up to another door, she was a natural. And then enjoyed her chance at handing out treats to others from her own front door.

This Autumn has been the beginning of her glorious ability to emit -dare I say – glee.  It’s as sweet and fresh as a blackberry.  It is quite something to see.

But because she wore no costume, I didnt take any pictures. And I’m already sure that this will be one celebration I will always wish I’d captured for posterity.