Posted by Fitz

I am proud to be a mother today.

As I’m writing this, the polls are still open and our country doesn’t yet know who will lead us for the next four years.  We don’t know if we’ve elected the oldest first term president, the first African American president, or the first female vice president.  We don’t know our political future, but I do know this: my daughter’s whole life will be one in which she can fulfill her wildest dreams.

My generation was raised with the notion that everybody has a chance to do what they want to do in life, and with the combination of hard work, determination, and luck, we can make our dreams come true.  As I’ve grown up, I’ve been inspired by the women I’ve seen climb the corporate ladder, make strides in our political infrastructure, and define their own personal brand of success.  I’ve seen myself in some remarkable people, and have emulated them in my quest to realize my best self.  Not everyone, though, has had this opportunity.  Some still struggle to see themselves represented in the highest echelon of our society, and some still will.  Many, though, will find hope in whatever outcome we see as the polls report their historic results – and, with that hope, many will be inspired to make their way in this world.

I have my favorite candidate – but regardless of the outcome of this election, I’m proud to be raising my daughter right now.  I can tell her that she can be whatever she wants, and point to role models that she can see herself in.  It would be naive to think that all of the glass ceilings and other forms of oppression based on race and gender will magically disappear given the outcome of one election, but we’re making progress that our children can see.  And as a mother, that’s something to be proud of.