Posted by Fitz

The relationship between my mother and my daughter is magical.  From the first time they laid eyes on each other, there seemed to be a natural connection that was formed way before the two of them had ever met.  Now that the Bean is almost 13 months old, she screams with joy when my mom walks into the room, and the two of them spend hours playing and giving each other kisses.  It is one of the sweetest, most unconditional relationships I’ve ever had the privilege to witness.

Watching my mom and my daughter interact makes me remember the days when I was the baby.  I remember – in great detail – the activities that my mom used to do with my brother and I: ironing colorful fall leaves between sheets of wax paper to preserve them, reading us story after story, and putting a vocabulary word on the refrigerator each week to help us develop our language.  Now that I understand what it is like to be a mother myself, I am amazed and impressed by her never ending patience, creativity, and ability to express her love.  In my eyes, my mom was the ultimate mom. Now she’s the ultimate grandmother.

I strive to be a mom like my mom.  I want to be able to put the toys in the beach bucket and take them out again (times one million) with the Bean, but sometimes my patience wears thin.  Sometimes, there are just other things that need to get done around the house (will the laundry basket ever be empty?  Ever?).  Other times yet, I put silly things on my head over and over just to get the Bean to toddle over, pull it off, and slap it back on with the slightly hyper new laugh that cracks me up.

It’s during these times that I realize that I’m not my mom, and that’s okay.  I might not have the creative mind that will pull kids’ arts and crafts projects out of thin air, but that’s what the internet is for.  I might not have all of her patience, but I’m working on it.  She is a great mom, and I will be too – in my own unique way.