Posted by Fitz

You might remember that, last week, our family was besieged by the flu.  I won’t bore you with some of the more graphic details, but I will tell you this – it was one of the most important weeks of my life.

I’m sure that sounds certifiable, but let me explain.  See, The Bean had never really been sick before.  Until last week, I never knew that she could still smile and be downright cheerful in between stomach spasms.  I never knew that she would still say “Mama!” every time I walked into the room, even though she felt terrible.  I never knew that she would want to take every nap – and there were lots – with me by her side.  I always knew how much I love her, but it was illuminating to see how much she depends on me to take care of her.

With a schedule cleared by necessity, I spent a lot of time stroking The Bean’s hair and looking into her giant, soulful eyes.  Her need to be with me – and snuggling! – at all times was so different from our normal pace and schedule.  Taking care of her and providing her as much comfort as I could was a sweet reminder of how much I wanted to be a mom and how grateful I am to have this girl in my life.

So, while The Bean’s grandparents called many times over the weekend with tones of worry and sympathy, I just settled into the couch a little deeper, held my Bean a little tighter, and enjoyed the snuggle time while I had it.  Today my Bean is up and about, walking (!!!), and playing like her regular old self – she wants me to pick her up occasionally, but it’s usually a ploy to get me to take her to the fridge so she can rip the magnets off and toss them on the floor.   She has probably already forgotten the luxurious time that we spent together, but I never will.  It was certainly one of my defining moments as a mother, and I can’t wait to tell her about it someday.