Posted by Duff

Last night, The Dervish, her father and I sat under a patchwork quilt on the couch and watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The Dervish was excited to narrate, to sit still and be cozy, and she smiled for an hour. It was glorious.

When the show was over, The Dervish willingly escorted me to her room for her tuck-in, shuffling along in her chosen mismatched flannel pajamas (pink kitty top/purple polka dot bottoms) toward soft Christmas music playing on the Lite Favorites station. She fell asleep quickly, mumbling about Santa Claus.

I don’t see how it can get any better than that.

My husband and I were still overcome by this idyllic situation in the morning, as The Dervish slept in from her later bedtime. This is how we’d envisioned having a child would be (as we all conveniently repress the reality of day-to-day logistics and challenges in favor of the storybook moments).

We also realized how precious this stage is – when, to be honest, we may have wished some time away before to get where we are today. But now that we’re here, time is a thief. We have some nerve.

In a few years, The Dervish will ask me questions that are hard to answer. She’ll have concerns that aren’t momentary and aren’t limited to food, sleep, toys and hugs. We will say how simple things were when our greatest parenting challenges were convincing her to get dressed, try a new vegetable or wear mittens.

We are just starting to get good at where we are. Let’s just stay here a little while.