Posted by Fitz

Hell hath no fury like a toddler bundled up for the winter.

Clearly, The Bean doesn’t remember last winter, when she was a mere 3-month old who was fairly relaxed when it came to putting on her little snowsuit, hat, and BundleMe.  This year’s Bean is just a bit different…with a mind of her own and stubbornness that rivals her bullheaded mother’s, we’re in for a treat.

The Bean has many an issue with winter accoutrements.  First, the jacket – she hates it.  We’ve actually tried several versions of the winter coat (luckily, friends have been generous with hand me downs), and we have finally found one that she will not try to rip off of her little body the second we zip it up.  Thank goodness for the double zipper-velcro combination that she just can’t seem to figure out…not to mention the special sale that the Gymboree outlet had last weekend.

Even more offensive to her than the jacket is the hat and mittens.  Never one to enjoy something on her head, my Bean’s hands immediately try to yank off any hat as soon as it is placed on her head.  We’ve managed to thwart her best attempts with an LL Bean hat that fastens under her chin, but God help me when she sees pictures of it when she’s 13 – I’ll be dead for making her look like a dork.

The funniest reaction, by far, has been to the mittens.  If my girl could talk (and swear), we would definitely be having a “WTF, Mom?!” moment every time I put the adorable little fleece things on her hands.  She cannot grasp the concept that her thumb should actually stay in the thumb of the mitten, and without that basic knowledge she cannot grasp…well, anything.

Bundled up and in her car seat, The Bean resembles the little brother in the Christmas Story saying “I can’t put my arms down!” She’s a smart little chickadee, though…the minute we are out in public she manages to take every bit of her winter gear off, scattering it generously around the floors of wherever we are.  And just to spite me, she doesn’t stop at the hat or mittens – if you were at Evergreen Walk on Saturday, you likely saw me on my hands and knees, searching under the racks of Banana Republic for an errant sock.

All signs point to my Bean being a summer girl with more spirit, spunk, and ingenuity than I could have ever hoped for.  As long as she allows me to wrestle her into her coat and hat for the rest of the winter, I’ll give her free reign during shorts weather.  I’d rather have saleswomen follow me around a crowded, holiday-minded store with a lonely Pediped than a girl who doesn’t know what she wants.