Posted by Fitz

The Bean is starting to delight us with little noises that sound like actual words.  Good mommy that I am, I have started to work with her so she can say “YES!” when she wants something.  I enunciate, I use the companion head-nod, I say “YES!” to her with the exuberance of a mom who just found out that her husband booked her a surprise day at the spa.   So, what did my Bean learn from all this?

Somehow, she learned to shake her head and say “NO!”  I know I say the word to her when she’s endangering her physical and my mental safety, but how could she learn the opposite of what I’ve been trying to teach her?  And even more frustrating, how did the head shake and the “NO!” all of a sudden become her favorite things to do?

“Do you want more veggies, Beanie?” “NO!”

“Time to come out of the tubby now, Bean!” “NO!”

“Please don’t roll around on your changing table, getting crap all over everything, Bean!” “NO!”


Sometimes we just pretend that she has said yes and she’ll forget all about her previous opinion, which gives me a little hope that maybe she doesn’t completely understand what she’s saying yet.  Sometimes, though, we are certain that she does: when she throws the extra food I’ve given her on the floor, when she hucks her sippy cup at my head, those sort of times. 

There’s one thing in this whole scenario that I would bet any amount of money on, and it’s something that seems to have become a recurring theme in my articles of late: my girl knows what she wants, and God forbid someone gets in her way.  I love to see it most of the time, but other times I’m terrified of what this will mean when she’s 13.  I guess I’ll just have to keep saying “YES!” until she gets it.