Posted by Fitz

As 2008 is winding down and we teeter on the brink of a brand new year, I’d like to share some of my New Year’s Resolutions with you.  Here they are, in all of their honest-to-God, wow-this-is-embarassing, don’t-hate-me-because-I’m-beautiful glory:

1. I vow that, in 2009, I will finally get rid of the muffin top that I was supposed to have lost in 2008. As a side note, I will also stop quitting Weight Watchers and complaining about how fat I am and actually use that time to work out or do something else that doesn’t involve a Cheeto or a baked good.

2. I vow to stop the terrible practice of telling my husband I have to go downstairs to change the laundry when I really go downstairs to lie on the couch for 10 minutes alone (then scramble to do laundry really, really fast).

3. I vow to teach The Bean manners, patience, and other factors that lead to good behavior and citizenship. I will not give in and allow any semblance of poor behavior because she’s sick, cute, cranky, hungry, tired, or because it’s just plain easier.

4. I will continue to remind myself that taking my pants (whether they are PJs, sweats, jeans, or dress pants) off every once in awhile will have a more positive impact on my relationship than 30 minutes of extra sleep (although that helps sometimes, too).

5. I will remain strong in my endeavor to coax The Bean into eating fruit that doesn’t have a picture of a baby on the front of its container. This should have a pleasant aftershock of showing The Bean that healthy food typically does not come in jar, can, or plastic container form.

6. I vow to acknowledge and take action against every dirty diaper that I smell, and not feign surprise when my husband notices the odor that I registered a good five minutes ago.

7. I will find the strength to try to have another child, although it will probably take most of the year to scrape my guts all together and make it happen.

8. I vow to not give anyone a dirty look whenever they comment about how The Bean’s feistiness could in fact be karma for my own childhood behavior.

9. I resolve to get over the fact that The Bean thinks that Mommy only says “No, no, no!” and that everyone else in the family thinks it’s freaking hilarious.

10. I vow to cherish the women in my life, and show them the gratitude I feel when I think about how lucky I am to have such excellent role models as friends and fellow moms.

Happy New Year to all of our readers…we love you and respect everything you do for your children. We’ll see you again in 2009!