Posted by Fitz

I am proud to tell you all (again) that I had a c-section.

Lately, I’ve heard a lot of different women talk about how they would do just about anything to avoid a c-section…like it is the worst possible thing that could possibly happen to a human being.  I’ve also seen women judge other women for having one – as if they didn’t work hard enough to push the baby out, or were “too posh to push” (one of the world’s most offensive phrases, in my humble opinion).  Whatever your stance is on c-sections, I’m here to tell you that they aren’t all bad.  In fact, mine was good.

My surgery was scheduled at my 40-week appointment, during which my doctor removed his hand from my throat (well, that’s what it felt like) and told me that I had the most narrow pelvis he had ever come across.  He said that there was no way any Bean would ever come out of there on his or her own.  After my outrage settled – not because of the impending c-section, but because I feel gypped that my pelvis should be so outwardly generous yet inwardly stingy – he told me that he could induce me and we’d see what happened, or we could schedule the surgery.

Without hesitation I asked, “How soon can I get in the operating room?”

My decisiveness on this issue could stem from the fact that nothing about my conception or pregnancy were really natural – after IVF treatments, I really didn’t care how the baby came out as long as I ended up with a healthy one at the end of it all.  Also, the control freak in me couldn’t stand another minute of the “Was that a contraction?” and “Did I spill my Poland Springs or did my water just break?” I was a basketcase, people, and wanted to get the show on the road.  Pronto.

I won’t bore you with the details of the surgery itself, but I will say that – in my experience – it was as uncomfortable as a teeth cleaning.  My recovery was much less uncomfortable than getting my wisdom teeth removed, too.  I was up and about very quickly, wasn’t in any pain thanks to nurses who encouraged me to keep on a meds schedule, and finally had what I wanted for my whole entire life – a little girl.   Aside from overwhelming joy, I had a sense of relief that it was all over and that I never had to know if I would tear, get hemhorroids, or be petrified of having sex for the forseeable future.  That was sweet, let me tell you.

Now, I know that all women don’t have such easy experiences and many would never have made the same decision that I did.  I also know that c-sections are major surgery that can pose danger to the baby and the mother, and that the recovery can be much more difficult than a vaginal birth.   In my mind, it’s all yadda yadda yadda.  Sure, it wasn’t a walk in the park and I did need medication to feel good, but I have friends who gave birth the natural way and ended up way more banged up than I ever was.  My c-section was fine, and the thought of having another one (or two, if my husband has a say) doesn’t scare me in the least.

I wanted to share my story with you to allay some of your fears in case you happen to need to go down this road at some point in time, and to give you a perspective that you might not have heard before.  Regardless of your birth plans, I hope that you get the experience you’d like –  no matter what that is.  It will be a wonderful beginning to the story of your child’s life.