Posted by Duff

I tried to outwill my child over the long weekend. It took three days, but she won. I said she. Not I.

I’m not embarrassed.  I’m also not surprised.

Since she’s old enough that we should be able to reason away her pacifer (aka binky) and she will sleep anywhere other than our home without so much as asking for one, I decided to take this three-day weekend to remove it from the naptime routine. Just as a rehearsal for overnight sleep.

I figured, how bad could it be?

Here’s how bad:  The screaming was as fierce and inconsolable as colic had been, for the duration of naptime, only with words, and leg-tugging, and a Dervish willing to throw herself against her bedroom door with enough force that I figured it was worth opening it before she hurt herself or we needed a new door. And frame.  And surrounding walls.

For once, I was glad it’s winter and the windows were shut.

Day one: no nap. Angry, angry child until bedtime.

Rinse and repeat for day two.

I might mention here that leading up to this, I had been having uncomfortable contractions for the duration of my 22nd week of pregnancy, and at my midwife’s urging, went for three separate appointments to have them checked on. 

Note to medical personnel: Try to avoid saying pre-term labor whenver possible.  In any case, MC is snug. Happy. My uterus, however, is irritable.  And I was told to take it easy. So why was I continuing to do something proven to cause unease for everyone in our house?

Day Three: I gave her the binky, she went down for her nap on the first try, and I had 90 minutes to watch John & Kate Plus 8 marathon episodes and wonder how the Gosselin parents manage seven more than I’ve got, with what looks like more patience than I’ve got.

 As far as I’m concerned (for this week, at least), The Dervish can bring that binky to college. Genetics tell me it would be miraculous if she didn’t need braces even if she’d never met a binky. My pediatrician can rest assured that it has not interfered with her speech. At all. Believe me. She gets the whole speaking clearly thing a lot better when she’s not hysterically screaming and shuddering.

You might say she won. But I can definitely say I learned a lesson in why other parents do things I might not agree with when I don’t have all the facts.

A dear, laid-back friend of mine recently said the following to me:

“One of these days she’s just going to spit it out and want nothing to do with it, and then she’s going  to go on the potty without being asked. I just get the feeling that’s how she’s going to handle everything.”

If you know The Dervish, this makes perfect sense. Sometimes I just need a reminder.