Posted by Fitz

Remember the winter doldrums that I posted about recently?  Well, this product will help you overcome them, at least for a few minutes each day.

Deprived of fresh air and vitamin D, the Bean and I recently embarked on a mission to determine how we could spend more time outside without freezing our buttarskis off.  While we can both layer on leggings and fleece, I was concerned that regular old clothing wouldn’t be enough for my little girl.  Her snowsuit was really too bulky to put her in for a trip in the stroller, so we needed something like a Bundle Me (a Momgenius rave for bitty babes) for a toddler.

Enter the Valco Footmuff.  It attaches to your stroller with ease, and you can slip your active toddler right in for the ultimate warmth and style.  The footmuff leaves plenty of room for toddler kicks and leg wiggles, and I can report that The Bean seemed to really enjoy our walk.   Her tootsies were still warm when we got back in the house, and we were both better off for having been on an outside adventure.

The Valco footmuff retails for $59.99, but check Albee Baby, and other sites for sales (I got mine at Shnoop for $12!).  Regardless of what you pay, it’s worth it to keep your kid warm while getting out of the house.  You won’t have the doldrums for long after you start enjoying the brisk winter air!

Do you have any can’t-live-without-’em product recommendations?  Let us know, and your favorite things could be featured on our blog!