Posted by Fitz

Warning: The following post could be considered a rant.

Am I the only one out there who is sick and tired of hearing (and seeing) celebrities talk about their “bodies after baby”?  They are always all “I didn’t work out at all!” or “It was so hard to get back in shape!”, and no matter what kind of crap they are trying to sell, I’m not buying it.  How hard can it be when you have access to a nanny, personal chef, personal trainer, and personal ass wiper?  Seriously.  I have no sympathy for these women.  The ones that seem normal (Naomi Watts and Keri Russell, for instance) don’t go to People or other tabloids to talk about this stuff, so I think the ones who do are either complete liars, total publicity hounds, or both.  Case in point…

Jessica Alba, in this week’s Us Magazine:

It wasn’t easy for Jessica Alba to lose the baby weight.

“[The workouts] were horrible,” Alba — who dropped the weight for her Campari calendar shoot — tells February Elle. “I cried. And I haven’t worked out since.”

Boo freaking hoo hoo, Jessica Alba!  The calendar of which she speaks features the most gorgeous women in the world, in their prime – too bad if you had to work out a little more than normal: at least you were asked to be in it! And you haven’t worked out since?  Well, if I was a natural size two with a hot body and unlimited wardrobe budget, I probably wouldn’t either.

I am bored with all of these fancy ladies who pretend to be “just like us”  to gain public favor.  There is no way in hell my mom friends would be whining about this sort of thing.  Sure, we all work out and cut carbs before the big family trip to Florida, and try to cram in a Biggest Loser workout DVD during nap time – that’s normal behavior in my book.  But to cry about something being so, so hard when her reality is so easy…well, shove it, sister.  I don’t feel sorry for you.