Posted by Fitz

At this time of year, no one is looking their best unless they have just gotten back from a week in Jamaica.  Skin is sallow, pasty, dry…ugh!  I’ve tried lots of exfoliating systems and masks, and while I’ve liked most of them I just don’t have the time/patience/memory to use them regularly anymore.  That’s why I adore these Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads from philosophy.

philosophy describes their product with words that seem to come directly from the angels themselves:

“These daily peel pads are designed to exfoliate and replenish the skin while prepping it for additional treatment product. Convenient and easy to use, these daily mini peel pads help protect the skin from free radical attack while providing excellent moisturizing and emollient properties that leave skin smooth and radiant with our antioxidant enriched formula.”

What they don’t tell you is this: with a quick swipe of the little pad, your skin will be back to it’s glowing, pre-mommy self within mere days.  The pads could not be easier to use, and couldn’t deliver better results.  They aren’t inexpensive (they’re found at Sephora for $35 for 60 pads, which is about a two month supply), but I bet you’ll find that it’s worth a little less than a dollar a day to bring back your youthful, vibrant glow until the sun comes out again.