Posted by Duff

Have I mentioned how great two years old can be?

The Dervish has reached an Honest phase. When you ask her what she’s doing (because you suspect she’s getting into trouble), she will confess instantly, and without shame.

Some recent answers: Digging through the trash for Daddy’s medicine (a cough drop); Chasing the kitty. I pulled his tail; Swimming in the ocean (really, across a hardwood floor).

Sometimes I don’t have to ask. She’ll come into the room and announce that she just spit apple juice behind her bed.  Since this never yields a pleasant reaction, I’m not quite sure the reward she gets, but I appreciate her candor.

Of course, her complete lack of artifice also delivers some winners: Your belly is big. I smell something bad. Mommy, dont touch me – get out of here.

Soon enough, this will flip flop. She won’t take me into her confidence to make it easier to protect and teach her, and she may spare my feelings when I’ve got spinach in my teeth or she really just wants to be left alone but endures me to be polite or wrangle another cookie.

It never stays the same for very long.