Posted by Duff

The Dervish has graduated from her obsession with polka dot pajama pants, and has now attached her affection to a fleece hat with a similar pattern.  I’m told that some kids carry a security blanket, some wear one. Mine is the latter, easy to spot in an indoor crowd.

The following is a recap of a recent coversation in our house:

The Dervish: Mommy, I want to wear my hat.

Me: Honey, we just washed your hair. It’s wet. When it dries, you can wear your hat.

Note: she is afraid of the hair dryer.

The Dervish:  I want to wear my hat.

Me: Your hair is all wet. When it dries, you can wear your hat.

The Dervish:  Wear my hat?

Me: When your hair dries. Sweet love of my life.

The Dervish:  My hat?

Me: Soon, honey. Not yet.

The Dervish:  HAT! HAT! HAT! HAAAAAT!

Me: Hey, look over here at the kitty.

The Dervish:  “Hi Mommy. Can I have my hat, please?”

Me: Let me see if your hair is still wet. Hmmm. Not quite yet. Want to read Dr. Seuss?

The Dervish:  “Where’d my hat go?”

Me: Hmm, I don’t know. Why don’t y0u go look for it?

The Dervish: (Sigh.) Ok. (disappears, returns a moment later wearing her hat. Apparently, I hadn’t hidden it very well.)

That’s when I gave up. Her hair was almost dry, anyway. I snuck in and plucked it off her sweet head while she was sleeping, and tucked another one under her arm in its place.

It has to get washed sometime. As for her hair, no one who doesn’t wash it has seen it in weeks, so I guess it doesn’t matter how well it’s brushed.