Posted by Fitz

Those of you who know me are well aware of my voracious appetite for good books.  I’ve always loved to read – heck, I was featured on Natick Cablevision when I was eight, telling the world that Beverly Cleary was my favorite author – and have always hoped that The Bean would share in this particular delight of mine.  It’s still early to tell, but it seems like she has been bitten by the bookworm: we can’t go into her room without her pointing at a book (or three), and she can’t sleep until she’s sat on a lap and gone through a story or two.  In honor of her newfound pleasure, she has asked me to share her five favorite books with you:

  1. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, by Bill Martin Jr., John Archambault, and Lois Ehlert – A jazzy, rhyming rendition of the alphabet, this book talks about the ABC’s in a fresh, new way.  It’s colorful, upbeat, and no kid – or parent – can resist the catchy “chicka chicka boom boom!’ phrase that repeats like a chorus throughout the story.  This is a “big kid’s book” – meaning, it’s not a board book – so it will be a favorite for a long time, if mom can keep little fingers from ripping the pages.
  2. The Blue Horse, by Helen Stephens – This sweet book tells a story about a little girl and her special friend the blue horse.  They do everything together, and the horse encourages her to be brave and make new friends.  The story is heartwarming, although kids around my Bean’s age really only appreciate the cute illustrations and pointing to Tilly and her new horse – the concept of the story will have to wait a few years to fully sink in.  This is also a big kid’s book, and will be treasured for years to come.
  3. Hippos Go Beserk, by Sandra Boynton – A board book for all ages, this is one of the funniest, silliest stories we’ve come across.  It is a great counting book, and Sandra Boynton brings her unrivaled creativity to the story of a hippo party.  This is one book that you and your babies can’t miss.
  4. What Does Baby Say, by Karen Katz – Since first getting this book, my baby has mastered all of the “words” in this book while absolutely loving the “lift the flap” structure.  All of Katz’s books are great, but this one is the Bean’s favorite.  From this book, we’ve mastered the concept of “uh oh” and how to make it all better for the sad baby who says “boo hoo” by giving him a smooch.
  5. Splish Splash, by Begin Smart Books – The Bean loves this book, an ode to bath time, because of the teddies and the birdies.  I love it because I can repeat it in the tub, and she remembers the story and enjoys her bath more.  The illustrations are done in a neat way (how does the towel actually have a terrycloth texture?), and the teddy’s mom wears a hilarious housecoat.  When the water drops tickle and trickle and spray, I think we can all imagine staying in the tub all day!

The Bean hopes that her recommendations will be enjoyed by your babies, and will continue to share any new books that knock her socks off.  Until then, happy reading!