Posted by Fitz

Take a look at this article from Atlantic Magazine.  The author was featured on the Today Show this morning, and they raised some interesting points about the benefits of breastfeeding.  What rang true for me the most, however, was the NBC expert’s claim that pediatric guidelines to breastfeed exclusively for six months have pitted women against each other in their efforts to best nourish their babies. 

Let’s say it again: everyone makes their own choices for their own reasons, and no one needs to be judged for doing what is best for their family.  I fully plan on trying to breastfeed again for #2 (whenever that happens), even though doing it for The Bean didn’t work out all that well.   It’s my choice to try again, and your choice to a) breastfeed exclusively, b) formula feed exclusively, or c) a combination of both.  No matter what your choice is, I love you for it.