Posted by Fitz

What is it about pregnancy that is contagious?  Why is it that, when one friend announces a pregnancy, the rest either get going on theirs or start thinking about it more seriously?

This is a phenomenon that first occurred to me when I was pregnant with The Bean back in 2007.  While I had already been trying to conceive for two years at that point (thanks, faulty reproductive system! ), one friend was a few months pregnant when I found out that I would actually have a child.  Another friend then announced that she was due two weeks after me, two were due six weeks before me, and yet another made her announcement a mere month later.  It was insanity, but one that was incredibly comforting to all involved.  We now had a few people to relate to, to learn from, and with whom to commiserate.  When the babies were born, it was more of the same – and thank goodness for it.  Looking back, I’m not sure how I would have coped with the influx of change and emotion without the support of these wonderful women.

Fast forward to 2009, and all of our kids are around 18-months old.  We’ve all started to get the question of when #2 will be arriving, and I’ve noticed that the answer to the question has started to creep into our daily conversations.  “Are you going to try?” “Do you think you guys are ready for another?”  We laugh nervously, and with excitement, and take solace in the fact that we’re not alone in our thinking. 

Some of us are more ready than others, but I feel confident in saying that we’re all secretly hoping it happens for all of us at the same time again.  Only time will tell – we obviously can’t predict what the future holds for us and our wombs.  One thing is for certain, though: there is strength in numbers, support in sisterhood, and safety in friendships….and that is why I thank goodness every single day for my mom friends.