Posted by Duff

1. Leaving your baby’s sex a surprise is fun – except for the time you spend going through newborn and 0-3 month onesies and sleepers you had in storage and everything is white, yellow or mint green.

2. It looks like I have more white newborn and 0-3 month onesies than anyone should have, but in reality, it will be no match for a baby’s bodily fluids, and that’s scary, even the second time around.

3. You may get a spit up stain out initially, but two years of storage will tell a different story.

4. It can be difficult to feel attached to the names you’ve chosen when you don’t know the sex of the baby.

5. That’s still no reason to question your husband on his agreement of the girl name you fought to use (and lost) for your first child.

6. And you’d be crazy when he says, “It’s grown on me, I can’t think of another girl name I like more,” to question the enthusiasm in his tone.

7. And it’s your own fault when the next day he says,  “What do you think of the girl name <insert alternate girl name that you like but don’t love>?”

8. The second half of the third trimester is a time when some people will tell you you are carrying so small and others will say, “You must be due any day now,  huh?” It’s best not to take either opinion to heart.

9. The maternity tops that were long enough to cover you the first time around may not do the job this time. Attribute this to laundry shrinkage.

10. No amount of my wearing maternity jeans or ballet flats is going to make  me either more comfortable or less crabby. Some people just can’t wear certain things, and that goes double for me when pregnant.