Posted by Fitz

Dinnertime is getting to be a little stressful at the Fitz residence.  Aside from the 5:00 low energy and hardly being able to wait for Daddy to walk through the door, The Bean and I are now engaged in a delicate dance of who will eat what – when, where, and how.  Unfortunately, she’s leading.

I have never been overly impressed with The Bean’s desire to be nutritionally adventurous, but I didn’t realize that I had it good there for a bit.  She used to eat green beans by the bushel, love her broccoli, enjoy some edamame, and positively go crazy over a sweet potato.  These loves, however, have been tossed aside like yesterday’s news, seemingly never to be touched again.  It’s brutal.

Many a well-meaning friend has said, “Don’t worry about the veggies, Fitz!  As long as she’s eating fruit, she’s good!”  What these lovely moms don’t know is that the only “fruit” that The Bean allows to pass through her little lips are the diced apples that Gerber sells in a jar.  She won’t try the organic bananas, the aromatic mangoes, the juicy cantaloupe, or the sweet blueberries that I buy in enormous quantities in the sheer, misguided hope that she’ll give one a try.  Oh no, unless it’s chopped up with a baby on the jar, forget it.  The Bean knows what she wants, and fruit isn’t it.

Before you tell me to hide the veggies a la Jessica Seinfeld and the woman she supposedly plagiarized, let me tell you: been there, done that.  The Bean took one noodle of the squash-enriched (dare I say DELICIOUS) homemade mac and cheese that I made last weekend and spit it out like I had dipped it in battery acid.  I have made yogurt fruit smoothies, brownies with spinach, and chicken nuggets dipped in cauliflower puree, and the only result is that my husband is heading to work with suspiciously child-like lunches.  She won’t have it, folks.  She knows I’m trying to pull one over on her, and her defiant response is: “NOO NOOS!”

Noo noos are noodles in my house, and on our best day we can do whole wheat.  She wants ’em three times a day, and for snacks.  (I do too, but years of Weight Watchers has taught me that this is not good).  I try to only cave in a couple of times a week, under the guise that sometimes I can grate carrots and stuff into the sauce without her noticing.  Luckily, tomato sauce is still acceptable, but you all know what Heidi Klum says on Project Runway: “One day you’re in, and the next day, you’re OUT”.  It’s just a matter of time, I fear.

I take great solace in the pediatrician’s advice to “ride it out”, “keep trying”, “it’s a normal phase”, and “she’s right on track with her development and health”.  I hope that someday soon, that The Bean lets me lead this particular dance so I can ensure she’s getting the nutrients she needs (and I don’t mean through noo noos).