Posted by Duff

I’m really not that interesting. Particularly, when I’m trying to get a few minutes (or seconds) alone in the loo. But The Dervish and our two cats disagree. The three of them can’t stand to know I’m alone in there, and feel incredibly left out. And since some sort of vaccuum seal is broken in both of our bathroom doorways, I can’t currently keep them out unless I hold the door shut.

Not an easy task from where I’m sitting. And it’s often not worth the scratching or sighing or “Mommy, you in there?” that results from my trying to maintain a few moments of privacy.

And now that I’m trying to encourage The Dervish to potty train, it’s counter-productive to exclude her or make her feel like the bathroom is a place one hides away. For now, it must remain neutral and normal. If not welcoming.

But why don’t any of them barge in on my husband in the same way? I head for the bathroom and a parade follows me. My husband heads in that direction and two sleeping cats lie and The Dervish Who Doesn’t Miss a Beat somehow finds her cuticles suddenly and completely fascinating.

So the last time her father made a beeline, I conducted an experiment. “Hey Dervish. Where’d Daddy go?”

She was nonplussed as she tried to fit a three-year-old’s hat on my enormous melon of a head. “Daddy’s in the bathroom,” she answered absently, and continued trying to fit me for headware. She knew where he was. She simply didn’t care.

Mama told me there’d be years like this.