Posted by Fitz

At the beginning of each season, I carefully watch for sales, coupons, and other tidbits that will make buying a season’s worth of Bean’s clothes a little more manageable.  I spend too much time thinking about the sizes she’ll be in, the temperature, and the protection of the little knees that will likely be scraped and skinned for the first time this summer.  I go to the store armed with my research, painstakingly select the cutest outfits, and strive for a good mix of practical and outing-worthy duds.

And I get it wrong, almost every time.

Last winter, I bought clothes on the small side knowing that my Bean is a teeny little thing (which she must have gotten from her dad’s side of the family).  Within two months, she had grown out of every.single.thing.  Round two of the winter shopping spree went better, although there are still some items that remain in the closet, unworn.

This spring, I vowed to do it better.  I stocked up on all of the great basics from my favorite stores, getting her regular size (read: one size less than her actual age range) for the bottoms and going up a size for the tops (to accommodate the cutest little belly you’ve ever seen).  Guess what?  It’s all too big, except for two pairs of Old Navy capris and a t-shirt.  All of it.  Nothing looked that big in the store, and it’s all been washed, and…sigh.  We’re going to have to do another round of shopping.

In my constant quest to find things that fit in the appropriate season, I’ve learned a few things that I’ll share with you…although the list is clearly still a work in progress:

  • Old Navy runs small, Gap is true to size, and both Carter’s and Gymboree run big
  • If a t00-big t-shirt has a little detail, it can easily be worn over leggings and be disguised as a dress
  • Don’t buy matchy-matchy outfits just in case the top fits and the bottom doesn’t
  • Tame the urge to buy an entire season’s worth of stuff all at once – you might have to do multiple rounds of shopping like me (sorry!)

I’d love to hear your thoughts and hints about seasonal shoppinng for your kids…I obviously need the help!